Portable Voice Translator All Languages 108+ Countries WiFi/Hotspot/Offline Two Way Instant Voice Translator 3.0 in Touch Screen

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Main functions:
-Continuous software upgrade and noise reduction function using AI technology.
-Supports dialect translation in 107 languages and offline translation in 12 languages.
-3.0-inch large HD high-definition touch screen, real-time voice, and text display. Provide you with a good visual experience
-Recording function, convenient for you to use in the meeting, help you record important information.
-Multi-person real-time translation to achieve barrier-free communication in chat
-Built-in 5 million pixel character recognition (OCR) camera.
-Supports used in WIFI, hotspot, or offline state.

Language Translator Device -12 Offline Translation Languages :
Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Dutch. These can be translated offline, I hope this can help you.

  • ★★Multifunctional language translator: Our language translator device supports dialect bidirectional translation in 107 languages, bidirectional WiFi / offline instant translation in 12 languages. Real-time voice and text display. Pocket voice/text/recording/picture translators are widely used in travel, shopping, entertainment, making friends, learning foreign languages, and other scenarios.
  • ★★ Photo& voice translator :Our smart voice language translator device has a camera voice translation function. 3.0-inch touch screen, the latest version of 5 million pixels and OCR (character recognition) camera, Which supports online photo camera translation. Large touch screen and super high pixels. Save you the numbers of photos translation. Improve your translation efficiency and accuracy.

  • ★★ Offline translation function: A portable voice translator can access the Internet from anywhere through WIFI or HOTSPOT without connecting through the APP on the mobile phone. It can also be translated offline, supporting offline bidirectional translation in 12 languages. Including Chinese, English, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Italian, etc. It is more accurate and convenient than mobile APP / BT, with an accuracy rate of 99%.
  • ★★ Extra-long standby: large capacity (1500mAh) battery supports more than 7 days of standby time, and our translator device can work continuously for 8-12 hours. Equipped with a USB cable, the language translator device can be charged by mobile power and computer USB. Rechargeable at any time and portable and compact design, it is very convenient for you to carry when you travel abroad.
  • ★★Package&Service: Exquisite packaging design. It contains a translator, A Type-C USB cable, and a user instruction manual. This manual contains complete and detailed steps to teach you how to use our smart voice translator.

-Connection: WiFi / hotspot / offline
-Material: ABS
-Colour: Black
-Camera: 5 million pixels
-Working time: 8 hours
-Standby time: 180H
-Battery capacity: 3.7V / 1500mA
-Touch screen size: 3 inch touch screen camera translation
-Product size: 131X50X13mm / 5.2 * 1.9 * 0.5inch
-Product weight: 20PCS / 6KG


Question: This translator device is accurate? translation speed is fast?
Answer: As a seller, I can say yes, it is I can say that it is accurate and translation speed fast. It is really great translator you should have one, a material quality is higher than the normal mode in the market. Also, this is our newest mode, my customers from worldwide, there are no problems to travel or communicate with other

Question: Is this a stand-alone product that can be used without a cell or wifi connection?
Answer: This translator device support WiFi/hotspot/Bluetooth/offline translation, so if without wifi or smartphone, it also can be used to Bluetooth and offline.
Question: How long will the recharged battery last?
Answer: This translator device with 1500mAh battery, which is support recharged battery last is 8~12hours.
Question: Does it translate Portuguese?
Answer: Yes, it does, Portuguese is the normal language ​​we saw. It supports 108+ countries' languages ​​as an advertisement. Welcome to take it back home :-)