1. How can I cancel my order?
Check your order status at [my account >my orders], if the order status is not shipped, you may log in your account & go to the help desk and we will cancel and refund your order for you.

1. Do products come with warranties?
2-year warranty 

2. How do you handle defective on arrival orders?
AntyeONE guarantees the safe delivery of your orders. We exchange all damaged items. AntyeONE covers all return shipping charges.
Contact us within 5 days of delivery, and ship the product back via the shipping method we agreed.

3. What is AntyeONE Money Back Guarantee?
Not happy with a product? Return it to us.
You may return undamaged items to us postmarked within 10 calendar days of delivery. If the return is not a result of our error, customers will be required to cover shipping cost both ways. Please make sure the item is returned in the original condition, with the original packaging and accessories. Please note that shipping charges apply if returns are not results of AntyeONE 's error.
Products must not be altered or modified.
Raw components and PCB boards cannot be accepted for return after they are installed or soldered.
Consumables cannot be returned once they are opened.
When returning replacement products, the original (defective or non-functional) unit must also be returned, or a fee may be assessed.
Volume/wholesale (signified by volume discounts), and customized orders are not covered by this offer.

1. What are AntyeONE's business hours?
AntyeOne operates Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm GMT +8 Beijing Time.

2. What holidays does AntyeONE observe?
AntyeONE celebrates the following Asian holidays. Shipping is temporarily suspended during these holidays. Customer service and support may be available with limited capacity. All services resume normal immediately after each holiday.

3. Can I add an item to my order?
Yes, but you need to add it before your order is packaged for shipment. Let us know and we will do it for you.
In the meantime, placing a new order is likely faster. You can either let the new order ship separately or request to combine your two orders.

4. Can I change my shipping address after placing an order?
If the order is in a stage where the system does not allow you to change its address, please let us know and we will try to have your delivery details changed.
Note that packages that have already left our warehouse cannot be changed.

5. In what currency are AntyeONE prices displayed?
All price listed on our website is in US dollars. 
If your home currency is not US dollars, please note that your credit card issuer or bank does the final conversion. The rates that your bank uses are not controlled by AntyeONE.
If you would like to find out the actual conversion rates, please call your credit card issuer or your bank.

6. Why didn't I receive an order confirmation e-mail?
Please contact us so we can look it up.
As soon as you check out an order, an email is automatically sent to your e-mail confirming the order. If you're not seeing order confirmation or status updates, your e-mail provider or client software may be treating AntyeONE's emails as SPAMs (mistakenly!).

7. What are all the order status?
Pending: Pending orders are brand new orders that have not been processed. Typically, these orders need to be invoiced and shipped.
Pending PayPal: Pending PayPal orders are brand new orders that have not been cleared by PayPal. 
Processing: Processing means that orders have either been invoiced or shipped, but not both.
Complete: Orders marked as complete have been invoiced and have shipped.
Canceled: Cancelled orders should be used if orders are canceled or if the orders have not been paid for.
Closed: Closed orders are ordered that have had a credit memo assigned to it and the customer has been refunded for their order.
On Hold: Orders placed on hold must be taken off hold before continuing any further actions.
Payment Review- As long as an external payment gateway is verifying the payment information from a sales order, the order is assigned the Payment Review status in the payment system.
Suspected Fraud(possible for PayPal orders only) – The order transaction did not pass one or more of the PayPal fraud filters and the system receives the response from PayPal that the transaction is under review by.
Fraud Service Complete- Orders marked as complete have fully been invoiced and have shipped.