Portable Foreign Language Real-Time 2-Way Translations Support Up to 72 Languages

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    Type: G6 Voice Translator
    Output Language: Spanish Chinese Arabic Russian French  Korean Portuguese Japanese Italian  English Mandarin Mandarin.

    Input Language: Spanish Chinese Arabic  Russian French Korean Portuguese Japanese Italian English Mandarin

    • [ACCURATE INSTANTANEOUS TRANSLATION] -- This translator integrates the world's leading real-time translation engine, Support 70 languages real time translation which covers 95% of countries in the world, It has ultra-high translating accuracy for complicated sentences, The accuracy rate can reach to 98%. You can speak or type your text, Which can be translated within half a second.
    • [UPGRADE TEMPERED GLASS BODY] -- According to ergonomic design with zinc alloy ultra-thin body, feel comfortable and durable. Touch feels more like a mobile phone. With 600 mAh battery, standby for up to 15 days. The 2.5-ounce weight is more portable, and the wireless 4.2 link feature allows the translator to be used as a small stereo.
    • [CAMERA SHOOTING IMMEDIATELY TRANSLATED] -- The phone takes pictures of signs, labels, menus, etc., and the translator immediately translates into the language you are familiar with. Never again, don't worry about not understanding foreign languages, so that there is no language barrier in the travel process.
    • [SMART AI] -- A powerful and reliable G6 core processing chip artificial intelligence translation engine that provides very accurate and instant translation through innovative and advanced cloud processing systems. Talk, translate, learn, make new friends.
    • [2-WAY INSTANT TRANSLATION] -- Enjoy and practice conversations in a brand new language easily and quickly with instant 2-way translation. Back-and-forth translation allows quicker learning and more entertaining conversations with friends and strangers.