Language Translator Device Supports Offline Translation Assistance Super Accuracy Online Translation Audio Memo Camera Translation,

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  • 🔥Super Accuracy Online Translation: All new translation engine supports 226 Countries language (include local languages)2-way translation,and make 99% translation accuracy and 0.1-second translation reaction speed possible.
  • 🔥Offline Translation Assistance: support 8 languages offline translation for no network condition. If the user can not link the internet, the 8 offline languages can be used for emergency assistance. Pls, note the user needs to download the languages firstly.

  • 🔥Audio Memo Function: the user can record an important interview, meeting, and conversation. The double Mic Noise Reduction, 2 Meters Voice pickup, 98% Accuracy, and recording To Text will assist users for different scenes. Audio recordings in English can be translated into other various languages the user chooses.
  • 🔥The 45 Camera Translation Languages: The camera input can be used for word or sentence translation. The 5 million pixels and OCR(Character Recognition) camera of the T11 translator support 45 languages for photo translation. The foreign words or sentences can be translated without any other input.
  • 🔥Ultra Battery Capacity: The 1200mah makes 8 hours of voice translation and 180hours device standby true. The user can use it for a long time. In addition it can be charged by power bank and computer USB because of USB charge design. Just enjoy it anywhere.

  • Convenient to travel abroad!

    It is very useful for traveling abroad, making foreign friends, learning new languages, and practicing pronunciation. Suitable for travel, shopping, business negotiation, meeting, language learning.

    Do you want to ask a clerk a question about the goods on overseas travel?

    Want to avoid being blamed by an overseas taxi?

    Do you want to be able to communicate well with foreign visitors?


    Main feature selling points:

    1. WIFI + hotspot multiple networking.
    2. Support the translation of 106 languages, multi-national accent translation can understand, can be translated to easily travel more than 200 countries and regions around the world.
    3. Science and Technology News + Nuance speech recognition engine, combined with Microsoft + Google proprietary neural network matrix translation technology and multi-national server, translation response faster, translation semantic accuracy is higher.
    4. 2.4-inch high-definition touch large screen, multi-touch visual operation, real-time display, audio, and text synchronization, at a glance. Simple UI interface design, interactive, and more user-friendly, user experience is stronger.
    5. Special BOX cavity speaker, the external effect is more fidelity, clearer and more accurate, and has a dual-microphone noise reduction array to ensure more accurate voice input and recognition, long-distance pickup distance “2 meters.
    6. 1200mah high-performance lithium battery, greater capacity Less trouble, Seiko protection motherboard is safe and reliable, 180 hours long standby, 8 hours of continuous use, go out to play more fun and peace of mind.
    7. Small and portable, one-hand operation without pressure, can be put into the pocket.
    8. Support for networking upgrades, product features, the interactive interface continues to iterate, convenient, and efficient.
    9. Photo translation Standard 5 million high-definition cameras, professional OCR image recognition technology, menu road signs.